Making the State Smoke-Free

May I voice my opinion to the opponents of smoking? Especially to the CMA?

Their intention is to make California a smoke-free state by the year 2000. Good luck! My intention is to enjoy one of the few freedoms left me by continuing to smoke to the year 2000.

They insist that passive smoking is the cause of death of thousands of innocents, yet have not shown hard facts to prove it. What of the smog that we inhale daily, couldn’t that be a factor?

To make California a smoke-free state, wouldn’t it make more sense to ban all vehicles off the roads? This would in effect clean the air of more pollutants in one day than passive smoking would cause in one year or more.


Let us compromise! You opponents ban your driving and I’ll quit smoking. You will help clean the air more than we smokers; then your quest for a smoke-free California would become a reality. You could then proceed to make planet Earth smoke-free. Again, good luck!