Street Sweepers Will Follow Refuse Pickup

Camarillo street sweeping will follow the city’s garbage collection schedule beginning next week.

Frequently, garbage or yard clippings are left on the street after the refuse trucks have made their rounds.

“We heard about this from enough people that it finally caught our ear and we decided it was probably a good idea to change the street sweeping schedule,” said Ernie Villasenor, Street Division superintendent.

Residential streets, except those in gated communities, will be swept every other week within 24 to 48 hours after collection of refuse and recyclables.


“This new schedule means that street sweepers will be able to quickly clean up refuse that may have been inadvertently dropped by the refuse trucks,” Villasenor said. “And since many residents move their vehicles off the street to accommodate trash pickup, the street sweepers will have a much better chance of cleaning up any debris that may have collected in the gutter or curb area since the last time they swept.”

The program will result in cleaner neighborhoods and better service for Camarillo’s residents, Villasenor said.

The new street sweeping schedule will begin Tuesday. For more information, call 384-1824.