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Readers use the Tiger Woods crash to decry the dangers of driving and the public’s obsession with celebrity status.

A section of California’s iconic road was washed out by heavy rains Jan. 28. Repairs start Monday.

Building a monorail to serve one of the most congested transportation corridors in Southern California makes no sense, a former Metro official says.

Seven years after awarding a low-bid high-speed rail contract to a Spanish firm, California is paying for that decision in delays and cost overruns in the San Joaquin Valley.

A small group of app-based drivers and a major labor union moved forward with a lawsuit against Prop. 22 that was thrown out by California’s high court.

California’s bullet train authority will ask the Legislature for $4.1 billion to complete Central Valley link.

In addition to providing shade, bus shelters in Los Angeles County should also be fitted with technology that cleans the nearby air of pollution.



The California Supreme Court decided against hearing a case filed last month challenging the constitutionality of Proposition 22, the voter-approved measure allowing gig economy companies to treat workers as independent contractors rather than employees.



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