Greed Ruining Corporate America

The television and newspapers are full of the avarice of some of America's business leaders. I spent 35 years in corporate America with a major oil company and I have always been proud of Chevron USA (now ChevronTexaco Corp.), and I still am proud of my company.

It is incredibly disappointing and disillusioning to see and read about CEOs who would deliberately victimize the very employees who put that person in the position he enjoys.

What in the world has happened to the mores and/or morals of America's business leaders? Is the competition too much? Is their individual ambition so great that they will do virtually anything to amass great personal wealth? What is wrong with the stockholders when they don't put the brakes on questionable actions and policies that are proposed?

The very thing that made this country the greatest one in the history of mankind is going to bring the entire thing down around our ears unless these corporate "giants" realize why they are in these seats of power and begin to run their companies accordingly. Is anyone listening?

Tom Reinberger


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