Maybe Pipes Is Wrong and Colleges Are Right

Re "From the Halls of Academia," Dec. 27:

Daniel Pipes would have us think that there is a vast conspiracy emanating from our nation's colleges and universities, with the goal being to brainwash our students into accepting liberal thought, or, heaven forbid, encourage them to consider that America has a few blemishes on its often whitewashed past.

Of course there is no conspiracy, but one might logically assume that college history professors are by nature intelligent and studious, have done a great deal of research in their field, and have an insight and perspective that has been honed as a result of countless hours of discourse, debate and discussion. In other words, maybe these college professors whose views Mr. Pipes finds so objectionable and rails against might have actually nailed it.

Bill Tapp

San Diego


The problem Pipes has with freedom of speech on our campuses is that it tends to be anti-Israel and antiwar with Iraq; Iraq being Israel's biggest threat. If campus free speech suddenly became predominately pro-Israel and pro-war with Iraq, would Mr. Pipes still be so critical?

Those who really care about America are reluctant to stifle free speech on our campuses even if they aren't always in accordance with positions taken. But, obviously, the duplicitous Mr. Pipes has other priorities.

Douglas Croixford

Costa Mesa

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