The Enabler's less-than-flattering comments [Feb. 14] about the Nucleus Ensemble's performance at the Culver Hotel are definitely opinionated if not at all accurate. As the director of the ensemble, I would like to clarify a few facts.

First, the concert didn't begin with 10 minutes of flute music. Ian Clarke's "Hypnosis," a 4-minute ethereal work, set the tone of our concert titled "Landscapes." After this piece, we asked the audience to close their eyes to experience sound memories from their childhood and to feel free to close their eyes off and on through the remainder of the program. We didn't see heads bobbing or hear snoring at any time.

I'm sorry the Enabler didn't meet the girl of his obsessions at Duke's, but I'd ask that he not take it out on the musicians or the beautifully restored Culver Hotel.

Carter Dewberry

Santa Ana

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