Voices of protest

Re "Protest reflects a shift in Chinese Americans' views," April 26

Pro-China protesters enjoy their free speech here in America when they would be jailed or killed for equivalent actions in China. Until Tibetan cities have live webcams with highlights on YouTube, protesters' hypocrisy does not persuade.

David Pritchett

Santa Barbara

As a Chinese American with ties to Los Angeles, I read this article with dismay. A Chinese American is an American citizen who happens to be of Chinese ancestry.

The story purports to show the opinion of Chinese Americans. Yet The Times quoted two leaders of Chinese student groups. Another person interviewed is an American citizen, but is "a former government official" in China who still has close ties to Beijing. These three people cannot speak for the Chinese American community. Most Chinese Americans, like our fellow Americans, do not have a strong opinion on the Olympics.

I hope that, in the future, The Times will properly use the term Chinese American. Michael Wang

Durham, N.C.

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