Do they relate to Mitch?

Since it now appears Jerry Buss would like Mitch Kupchak to share credit for the Pau Gasol trade [April 28], how about having Jerry share some credit for obtaining Kwame Brown? Or Smush Parker? Or Vlad Radmanovic? Or is that not in the management handbook?

Will Wennerberg

Los Angeles

According to Steve Springer's article, Jim Buss equally drafted Andrew Bynum, while Jerry Buss initiated the trade with Memphis and all Mitch had to do was make the call. What has Mitch done that he deserves an "A" from Kobe? Sounds like the family business has got a stronghold over everything Mitch does. If Mitch wants to impress me, talk to Jerry about hiring a chauffeur and lowering ticket prices!

Jonathan Braun

Los Angeles

Let's don't go canonizing Mitch Kupchak just yet. Memphis basically gave away Pau Gasol and the Lakers got lucky. Don't give Danny Ainge much credit either for the Celtics' rebirth, since Kevin McHale essentially gave his old team Kevin Garnett.

Rod Hersberger

Santa Barbara

"Ode to Mitch"

You make a bad trade and what do you get?

Shaq's a year older and Phoenix's in debt.

St. Peter don't you call him 'cause he can't go.

He owes his soul to Pau Gasol.

Ronald Levine

Van Nuys

During the down times in the post-Shaq era, I remember George Karl saying that Kobe was only a "stat guy" on a .500 team. Someone (maybe his son) should tell him that Carmelo and A.I. are now stat guys on a .000 team.

Dan Zwirn


What a shame. The Denver Nuggets won 50 games and made the playoffs, but a couple of their "stars" blame this year's early exit on their own teammates and coach. Hey, guys, sometimes the No. 1-seeded team actually beats No. 8 (trust me, I looked it up).

Joe Riley


Has there ever been a bigger snake in the history of coaching than Pat Riley? He steps down a few years ago due to alleged physical problems (while the Heat was losing), then kicks out Stan Van Gundy in the nick of time to win a title with Shaq and D-Wade. After the Heat hits the skids again, he once again quits on the team. Riley is a first-ballot Hall of Shame coach.

Mark. S. Roth

Los Angeles

Guys like Larry Brown and Pat Riley are like an old tea bag. The more times you dip it, the more diluted the final result.

Ron Yukelson

San Luis Obispo

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