The way we were

Re "Pat Brown's California," Column, July 26

When I ride across our state on some of our great roads, I silently give thanks for that visionary named Pat Brown who could get things done.

I think of that era when I see the dams, the lakes and the aqueduct. I think of the time when "government" was not a dirty word and meant "we the people." Great article to remember the way we were.

Jean Solomon

Los Angeles


Of course California is "different" than in Brown's time. He achieved much of his "vision" working with, rather than against, part-time legislatures. Republicans then had programs and ideas of their own to compete with Brown's, but they would take risks, or cross the aisle, to achieve them. Brown fought many drag-out political brawls. But he sold his vision of a better, fairer California to voters and legislators.

Lee Moldaver

Santa Barbara

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