A lot of bunks

Re "State gets two years to cut 43,000 from prisons," Aug. 5

Regarding the front-page photo showing large rows of bunk beds at San Quentin State Prison, this sleeping arrangement is not much different from our barracks when I was in the Army in the 1950s. Although the room shown in the photo appeared much larger than our barracks, the spaces between the bunks was similar.

The panel of federal judges declared this to be "cruel and unusual punishment," so 43,000 prisoners must be released. Perhaps it is because this arrangement interferes with the ability of the convicts to watch TV.

Milton Laikin

Marina del Rey

Now maybe this court order will free those convicted of nonviolent cannabis charges. Until today, these people have been rotting in prison for crimes most Californians have committed themselves. Let these people go. It's time to turn these folks into tax-paying citizens.

John Thomas Ellis

Kentfield, Calif.

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