John Scalzi signs 10-year, $3.4-million book deal with Tor


Science fiction author John Scalzi has signed a $3.4-million book deal with Tor, the publisher announced Sunday. Scalzi is the bestselling author of “Old Man’s War” and won the 2013 Hugo Award for best novel for “Redshirts.”

The multimillion-dollar deal will last a decade. During that time, Scalzi will write 13 novels for Tor. They’re partially mapped out: 10 novels for adults, plus three young adult novels; a sequel to “Lock In,” his most recent book; a return to the “Old Man’s War” universe; and an entirely new series set in the far future.

“In an era when publishing is in flux, this contract with Tor will let me spend more of my time doing what readers want me to do: writing books and making new stories for them to enjoy,” Scalzi said in a statement. “It also gives both me and Tor a stable, long-term base to grow our audience, not only among established science fiction and fantasy fans, but among readers of all sorts. Science fiction is mainstream culture now, and there are so many people discovering just how much there is to enjoy in these stories of ours. We have much more to share. That’s what we’re going to do.”


Three of Scalzi’s books are currently in development to be television series: “Redshirts” by FX, “Old Man’s War” by SyFy, and “Lock In” by Legedary TV.

On his blog, Scalzi explained more about the deal, including why he planned to spend the next decade with a traditional publisher rather than self-publishing: “look, I like to write, and I don’t mind marketing myself. But there is a whole lot more that goes into producing a book than just showing up with a manuscript and then telling people about it. I don’t want to do any of the rest of that stuff. That’s why publishers exist. That’s what publishers do. As it happens, when it comes to science fiction, Tor is as good as it gets, in every department. They are better at these things I don’t want to do than I am. I am delighted to partner with them and let them handle all that. I am clearly making enough money.”

Scalzi joked about the news on Twitter, where he has 82,000 followers. “This deal means I no longer have to delay my dream of a hot tub filled with mayonnaise. CLIMB ON IN WITH ME, FRIENDS.”

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