Which ‘Arrested Development’ actor is a secret bookstore owner?


Which “Arrested Development” actor is a silent partner in a Los Angeles bookstore?

If you’re following Jeffrey Tambor on Twitter, you know who it is. Tambor took to Twitter Sunday night to proclaim his joy at being part owner of Skylight Books in Los Feliz.

Tambor is the Emmy-nominated actor who plays George Bluth Sr. (and his identical twin Oscar Bluth) on “Arrested Development.” He’s also a well-known acting teacher, has appeared in big-screen films including “The Hangover” and “Hellboy” series, has been nominated six times for Emmy Awards and, as everyone now knows, is an owner of Skylight Books.

On Sunday, Tambor poetically tweeted:


I am shouting
From rooftops
I am one of the owners
Of @skylightbooks
Sooooooooo Proud

The announcement came as a surprise to the staff working Sunday night; they were tipped off to the tweet by a concerned customer who came in and asked if the store had recently been sold. Tambor’s involvement in the store was something of an open secret -- but they weren’t sure why he chose Sunday night to post about it on Twitter.

Tambor has always been “tremendously supportive” of the bookstore, Skylight co-owner and general manager Kerry Slattery told the Times. Years ago, she and Tambor were acting students together at San Francisco State, and he was the first investor to come on board when she was trying to get the bookstore off the ground.

Investing in an independent bookstore may not be as foolhardy as it sounds. Skylight first opened in 1996, added an arts annex just a few years ago and moved it to a new location, 1814 N. Vermont, this month. That, too, was the subject of another Tambor tweet.

Yes yes
Of course mention
My name at Skylight
Curious myself as
To the reaction
Go see the new annex


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