Twitter may release its own Instagram-like photo filters this month

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey tweeted this picture, possibly after using photo filters being developed by the social network for a possible public release before Christmas.

After being rebuffed by Instagram last week, Twitter is now rumored to be testing its own photo filters that could be released through a mobile app update in the next few weeks.

All Things D over the weekend cited unidentified sources saying Twitter is making a big push to get its own photo filters released some time this month. The goal is to get the filters up and running so they can be used for the Christmas and New Years holidays, which are expected to generate heavy photo uploading traffic, as evidenced by Instagram’s record-breaking Thanksgiving performance.


Twitter’s hurry to release its own photo filters comes after Instagram last week confirmed it would no longer support Twitter card functionality, which basically means Instagram photos will no longer show up on Twitter. Since Instagram’s move, posts from Instagram sent to Twitter show up with links and nothing more.

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Both All Things D and The Next Web are reporting that the filters may already be in testing by Twitter employees, including co-founder Jack Dorsey, who may have used a Twitter filter for the photo above.

The Next Web reports that some Twitter employees appear to be using a different iPhone app than the rest of us. The report also says that their filtered photos are square-shaped like those taken on Instagram but have a much higher resolution.


We’ve reached out to Twitter and will let you know if the San Francisco social network gets back to us.



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