Apple, Samsung and Sony expected to make tech news in September

Looks like September is going to be a busy month for tech.

There is much anticipation for Apple to unveil a new iPhone model next month, but it’s only one of numerous tech announcements coming in September.

First up is Samsung, which will be holding a press event on Sept. 4. There, the Apple rival will unveil the Galaxy Note III -- the latest iteration of its popular tablet/smartphone hybrid.

Samsung is also expected to announce a smartwatch called the Galaxy Gear alongside the Galaxy Note III. The device is believed to connect with smartphones to display items such as incoming emails and text messages.

That same day, Yahoo will unveil a new logo. The company has been teasing the logo unveil for the past month with other logos, but the official redesign will be unveiled on Sept. 4 at 9 p.m. PDT.

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And Sony may also jump in on the Sept. 4 action as it is expected to unveil a smartphone of its own that day.

The Japanese giant uploaded a video to YouTube earlier this week teasing an upcoming Xperia smartphone. The device in the video is rumored to feature a 20-megapixel camera.

A week later on Sept. 10, Apple is expected to announce not one but two new iPhones.

The iPhone 5S will serve as the successor to the iPhone 5 and be available in black, white and a new gold color option. Meanwhile, the iPhone 5C will be a new low-cost option. It will feature a plastic back cover and be available in a variety of colors.

The new iPhones may go on sale Sept. 20.

Those are all the expected September announcements for now, but don’t be surprised if more tech companies jump in on the action. Last year, Nokia, Microsoft, Motorola, Amazon and Apple all announced major new products in September, and a few of those companies have yet to refresh the gadgets they unveiled in 2012.


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