Unlike Yahoo, most firms to keep telecommute option, survey says


Despite recent moves by Yahoo Inc. and Best Buy to end work-from-home arrangements, telecommuters need not fret. Most firms have no plans to end the flexible work policies, a survey found.

A poll of 120 human resources executives by Challengers, Gray & Christmas Inc., a global outplacement and executive coaching firm, found that 97% of those who responded -- about 80% -- said they had no plans to eliminate telecommuting.

“When major companies like Yahoo and Best Buy make notable policy changes, there is no doubt that other employers will take notice and some may even reevaluate their policies,” said John A. Challenger, chief executive of the firm. “However, it would be misguided to assume that other companies will follow blindly without considering their own unique circumstances.”


Most companies surveyed do not have a blanket policy on telecommuting. Less than 10% offer the flexible arrangement to all employees, but 40% offer the option to some employees. Another 30% do not have a formal policy but allow some workers to work from home some days.

Yahoo’s decision to end work-from-home arrangements caused a national debate when Chief Executive Marissa Mayer issued the decree last month.

Best Buy, which had been experimenting with telecommuting, followed suit about a week later.


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