More than 100 million blogs now exist on Tumblr


Tumblr this week gained its 100 millionth blog, a milestone for the social network, which has become very popular with teens and young adults.

The New York-based social network keeps a counter on its “About” page that shows how many blogs exist on the site. That counter crossed the 100 million mark this week, and is now sitting at 100.1 million. Additionally, the counter shows that nearly 45 billion posts have been published on the social network.

Tumblr lets users create a blog or multiple blogs, which they can customize by using themes or writing code. Users can also “like” others’ posts and “reblog” them -- meaning re-post an item on their own blog. Users don’t have to be logged in to Tumblr to see others’ blogs.


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It’s unclear how many of these blogs are actually active, but the achievement is still important for Tumblr, which competes against Facebook, Twitter and Google in the social network space.

Although Tumblr remains behind its competitors when it comes to users, it seems to have taken a lead with young users. Earlier this year, a survey was released that said more young people say they use Tumblr than they do Facebook.

That success with younger users has translated to increased page views for Tumblr. Late last year, the social network announced that it was among the top 10 websites in the U.S. when it came to traffic. At the time, Tumblr also said 168 million worldwide users visit the site each month.


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