Microsoft selling 'Scroogled' merchandise to attack Google

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, Microsoft has added a new section to its online store dedicated solely to merchandise that bashes Google.

The Redmond, Wash., tech giant has been going after Google all year with a marketing campaign called "Scroogled," informing users about the various ways Google has access to their data through its various services.

Although the "Scroogled" ads have all been super tacky, Google can't be happy with having Microsoft tell users they're online activity gets exploited when they use Gmail and the Chrome browser. Adding merchandise to the mix is just insult to injury.

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Among the many "Scroogled" items available on Microsoft's store are hats, hoodies and shirts, all adorned with the marketing campaign's logo.

One of the shirts features a creepy spider with the Chrome logo next to the words "Step into our web." Another features the icon for Chrome's incognito feature alongside "I'm watching you."

But the best item in the bunch is a coffee mug with the Chrome logo and the words "Keep calm while we steal your data," a modified version of the "Keep calm and carry on" British poster that has become all the rage these days. That item as well as a shirt with the same words are out of stock.

Some users are getting increasingly paranoid about Google and its use of scanning people's emails and tracking the things they search to sell targeted ads at them, so there appears to be a market for Microsoft's "Scroogled" items.

Neither Microsoft nor Google could be reached for comment.


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