Thanksgiving gas prices down from last year

Drivers on Thanksgiving will save a few pennies at the pump compared with Turkey Day last year.

The national price for gasoline this Thanksgiving will average $3.27 a gallon, down 16 cents from last year and 5 cents below 2011, according to

Total gas savings in November compared with last year will give shoppers an extra $1.93 billion more to spend on Black Friday.

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Not all states are enjoying the same savings. Utah residents, for example, are finding gas prices that are an average 50 cents below Thanksgiving prices last year. Those on the East Coast are not seeing much if any price drop due, in part, to refinery issues.

"All in all, although the gas prices are currently trending a slow upward tick, drivers across the country are seeing much more money in their pockets this year over last, leaving it to be spent on the hot ticket gift items during Black Friday," reported.


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