Google reportedly invites developers to buy Glass eyewear

In the latest move to expand use of its Glass eyewear, Google has reportedly begun inviting developers to purchase the device.

The developer invitations to purchase the $1,500 devices came shortly after Google made it  possible for all developers to create Glass apps -- known as Glassware. Google is trying to get more apps developed for the eyewear.

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Late last month, the company told existing users they could each invite three people to purchase Glass. That was followed by Google posting an online form so that any consumer could apply to receive an invitation.

The company also said it will no longer disable the device if users try to sell them. That has spurred some users to try to sell their gadgets at steep prices on EBay and Craigslist.

It also appears that the company has begun sending invitations to users who applied for the device in February, when Google originally began taking Glass invitation applications.

Asked about the latest invitations to developers, Google said, "As we've said for several months, our goal is to continue to expand our Explorer program ahead of a wider consumer launch down the road in 2014."


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