Free Hugs Campaign
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YouTube’s All-Time Top 10 Most Viewed

Free Hugs Campaign
10. Free Hugs Campaign from PeaceOnEarth123.
9,924,594 views (YouTube)
Urban Ninja
9. Urban Ninja
10,581,386  (YouTube)
OK Go - ‘Here It Goes Again’
8. OK Go - ‘Here It Goes Again’
10,717,633  (YouTube)
Real life ‘Simpsons’ intro
7. Real life ‘Simpsons’ intro
11,512,068 views (YouTube)
6. The Pixies’ ‘Hey,’ lipsynced by Tasha and Dishka
12,799,739 views (YouTube)
SNL Digital Short: ‘Christmas Box’
5. SNL Digital Short: ‘Christmas Box’ featuring Justin Timberlake and Andy Sanberg
12,970,642 views (YouTube)
‘Pachelbel’s Canon’ on guitar
4. ‘Pachelbel’s Canon’ on guitar, by JerryC
13,978,897 views (YouTube)
‘Quick Change Artists on ‘America’s Got Talent’ ’
3. ‘Quick Change Artists on ‘America’s Got Talent’,’ featuring David and Dania
15,159,531 views (YouTube)
‘Pokemon Theme Music Video’
2. “Pokemon Theme Music Video,” by Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox.
19,478,884 views (YouTube)
‘Evolution of Dance’
1. ‘Evolution of Dance’ by Judson Laipply.
40,763,418 views (YouTube)