Slow-motion video: The best reason to get an iPhone 5s


For all the new high-tech gear on the iPhone 5s, the best part about the device may be its gimmicky slow-motion video feature.

The iPhone 5s is capable of recording video at 120 frames per second and then play the images back in slow motion.

There’s absolutely nothing special about the feature -- others, such as the Samsung Galaxy S 4, have already included this feature -- but the way Apple executed it on the iPhone 5s makes it very easy to use and a lot of fun to play with.


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Users can record everyday activities, such as someone walking through a room or drinking from a water bottle, and turn them into epic moments.

If you read my review of the iPhone 5s, you know I wasn’t too impressed by the device. But I did love the slo-mo feature, and I suspect many others users will as well.

That’s because the other additions to the device are hard to appreciate if you’re an average user.

The phone’s Touch ID fingerprint scanner is neat, but at the end of the day it’s an improvement on security. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the advancement, but I’m not going to get excited by it.

Then there’s the new 64-bit A7 chip, the first of its kind, as Apple likes to brag. That’s great. But the difference in speed between the 5s and the iPhone 5 is hardly noticeable. You’ll only detect a difference if you have the two phones side by side, so it’s also difficult to get pumped about that.


But slo-mo, that’s the kind of feature people will use often, and it’s the kind of feature owners of older iPhone models can get jealous about.

Just search for “#slomo” on Instagram and see how many people are posting these kinds of videos. The video above by Rishi Kaneria shows beautiful slow-motion clips shot using nothing more than the iPhone 5s, a tripod and whatever light was available.

So although the iPhone 5s didn’t impress me too much, I would get the phone just for the slo-mo feature.


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