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Archaeologists look for King Richard below British parking lot

Archaeologists are searching for the earthly remains of King Richard III under a parking lot in Leicester, England.

A team from the University of Leicester believes the car lot was once the site of a Franciscan friary where the medieval monarch was laid to rest 500 years ago.

The archaeological team will use ground-penetrating radar to aid in the search, and any remains will be subject to DNA analysis.

Still, finding the long-lost king is a “long shot,” said Richard Buckley, of the university’s archaeology service.


“The big question for us is determining the whereabouts of the church on the site and also where in the church the body was buried,” he said, adding that “it is a challenge we shall undertake enthusiastically.”

King Richard III was crowned in 1483 and two years later was killed in the Battle of Bosworth, where his body was likely stripped of any valuables. The battle is key to Shakespeare’s play “Richard III,” in which the monarch cries out the famous line: “My kingdom for a horse.”


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