Vanilla Ice cuts a deal, avoids trial in felony burglary case

Vanilla Ice, a.k.a Robert Van Winkle
Vanilla Ice, a.k.a Robert Van Winkle, struck a plea deal Thursday in connection with his February arrest on suspicion of felony burglary and grand theft.
(Frank Micelotta / Associated Press)

Vanilla Ice has cut a deal in his south Florida burglary case, which means he’s looking at community service and restitution instead of the potential for a felony conviction.

“I never had any criminal intent,” the rapper-turned-TV personality told the Palm Beach Post on Thursday. “It’s just unfortunate, but here we are. I’m moving forward”

Robert Van Winkle — that’s his real name — would be “moving forward” from a February arrest on suspicion of felony home burglary and grand theft after he allegedly entered an abandoned home near one he was renovating for his DIY Network series and took items including furniture, bicycles and a pool heater.


The 47-year-old “Ice Ice Baby” singer told police at the time that the missing items police found in his possession had been out on the sidewalk, but according to TMZ a witness told them the stuff came from inside the dwelling.

The house in question is on the market now for $1.6 million, the website said.

The former rapper will do 100 hours of community service with Habitat for Humanity and pay more than $1,100 in restitution to the estate of the home’s owner as part of the pretrial intervention deal, the Post said. If he stays out of trouble for nine months, all charges will be dropped, E! News reported.

The choice of Habitat is perfect, Vanilla Ice’s lawyers told the Post, because he’s already working with the organization. The deal’s timing is kind of perfect too: A new season of “The Vanilla Ice Project” premieres Saturday morning.

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