Sneak Peek: You Rate the New Shows


The five networks have high hopes for the fall season, offering an array of new shows targeted to capture viewers' imaginations (and eyeballs). At the summer press junket in Pasadena, TV critics were given a preview of the new line-ups, including screenings of some high-profile pilots. Click on the images below to play scenes from five of these debut series, then cast your own vote for each in our online poll.

Scenes From NBC's 'Kidnapped'
(Courtesy NBC)
'Kidnapped' (NBC): In this one-hour thriller starring Timothy Hutton, Delroy Lindo and Dana Delany, the teen son of a wealthy New York family is kidnapped, allowing the series to variously focus on law enforcement, the kidnappers and the family, who might just not be as perfect as they seem.

A Scene From 'Jericho' on CBS
(Courtesy CBS)
'Jericho' (CBS): When a nuclear mushroom cloud appears on the horizon, a small Kansas town is left isolated and panicked — a good scenario for lots of psychological and emotional mayhem. Ensemble cast is led by Gerald McRaney and Skeet Ulrich.

A Scene From Fox's 'Vanished'
(Courtesy of Fox Broadcasting)
'Vanished' (Fox): Another thriller about a family member gone missing. This time, it is the wife of a senator who disappears, but is that who she really is or is there a sinister conspiracy at work? Created by "CSI's" Josh Berman.

Scenes From The CW's 'Runaway'
(Courtesy of The CW / Sony Pictures Television)
'Runaway' (The CW): Donnie Wahlberg stars as Paul Rader, a man falsely accused of a terrible crime who now must hide from the law and keep his family safe from the real killer who is tracking them down, all the while working to clear his name.

Scenes From ABC's 'Ugly Betty'
(Courtesy ABC)
'Ugly Betty' (ABC): In the world of fashion, Betty Suarez is the oversized square peg in the petite round hole. But her smarts and plucky spirit help her make waves for the well-dressed villains at Mode magazine. With Salma Hayek as a co-producer, the show was adapted from a Spanish-language telenovela.