‘Castle Rock’ renewed for second season at Hulu

Sissy Spacek and André Holland star in the first season of "Castle Rock."
Sissy Spacek and André Holland star in the first season of “Castle Rock.”
(Patrick Harbron / Hulu)

Hulu has renewed “Castle Rock,” its drama that pays tribute to the Stephen King universe, for a second season.

From creators Sam Shaw and Dustin Thomason, the anthology drama is set in Castle Rock — the ill-fated fictional Maine town featured in such King works as “The Dead Zone” and “Cujo” — and weaves together characters and themes from King’s book catalog to present an original story.

The 10-episode first season revolved around Henry Deaver (André Holland of “Moonlight”), a death-row attorney who returns to his hometown after a mysterious young man (Bill Skarsgard) is found in a cage inside a hidden area of Shawshank State Penitentiary.

The series also stars Sissy Spacek, a veteran of the King world after making her breakthrough in 1976 as the title character in the big-screen adaptation of “Carrie.”


Although Hulu does not release ratings data, the nebulous details it did share about the show’s performance included:

  • On the day of its premiere, “Castle Rock” became the most successful first-season Hulu Original launch in terms of consumption and reach.
  • The series also has among the highest view-through rates for a Hulu Original in both its first and second weeks since launch.

The second season of the drama will also be set in Castle Rock, but will feature a new narrative and cast.

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