Connie Britton shows support for Wendy Davis with Tami Taylor shirt

What would Tami Taylor do?

It’s a question plenty of us – or at least those of us who’d like to emulate the perfectly coiffed character played by Connie Britton for five seasons on “Friday Night Lights” – ask ourselves on a regular basis.


Now, following Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis’ historic 13-hour filibuster, it’s become a rallying cry for abortion rights advocates. On Monday, Britton announced a collaboration with Planned Parenthood on limited edition T-shirts designed to show opposition to Senate Bill 5, the proposed legislation that would dramatically restrict access to abortion in the state.

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Davis, a Democrat, was able to stop the bill last week, but Republican Gov. Rick Perry called legislators back to Austin for a second special session with the express goal of passing the measure.

The shirts, available in white and Texas burnt orange, feature the slogan “WWTTD? What Would Tami Taylor Do?” on the front and the web address,, on the back.


“The character Tami on ‘Friday Night Lights’ is a Texas woman deeply committed to her community and to standing up for what is right for her neighbors and the people she loves,” said Britton, currently starring in ABC’s country-music soap “Nashville,” in a statement.

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“I have been inspired by how people around the country have united to stand with the women of Texas, and I can’t help but think that, in this moment, we all have the opportunity to join with and become strong, powerful Texas men and women.”

While Davis was staging her filibuster last week, comparisons to Britton popped up frequently on Twitter, with admirers informally lobbying for the actress to star in a Davis biopic.


But the women seem to share more than their well-maintained tresses and ties to the Lone Star State: In 2010, “Friday Night Lights” earned praise from critics and pro-choice activists with a storyline in which Britton’s character is forced out of her job as a high school principal after providing a pregnant student with information about abortion.



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