‘Remington Steele’ gets a reboot as comedy courtesy of NBC

Pierce Brosnan and Stephanie Zimbalist starred in the popular 1980s detective show "Remington Steele." The show is being remade as a half-hour comedy.
(20th Century Fox Home Entertainment)

The popular 1980s detective show “Remington Steele” is getting a modern-day make-over thanks to NBC, which is recasting the show as a half-hour comedy.

The original series, which launched the career of Pierce Brosnan and also starred Stephanie Zimbalist, was an hour-long and also aired on NBC. It was part drama, part romantic comedy and part crime procedural. It was also hugely popular and is credited for launching other shows similar to it, including “Moonlighting.”

Zimbalist played detective Laura Holt, who hires a con man played by Brosnan to assume the role of head of her detective agency under the moniker “Remington Steele.” She does this because she discovers that clients aren’t standing in line to hire a female detective.

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Despite five years of sexual tension, the two don’t get together until the series finale. Fast forward more than 30 years to the reboot, which finds their daughter Olivia Holt reopening the famed Remington Steele detective agency. Cue shenanigans.

Jay Scherick and David Ronn (“Guess Who” “The Smurfs”) are writing the new show, which is also titled “Remington Steele,” and Ruben Fleischer (“Gangster Squad”) is slated to direct.

A cast for the show hasn’t yet been announced. Dare we dream that Brosnan will make more than a cameo appearance?



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