Naked sushi is happening in Vancouver, and, yes, it’s what you think it is

 Naked sushi
A company in Vancouver offers a naked sushi service. Naked models lie still at parties with sushi covering their bodies. Shown is sashimi from Sushi Zo in Los Angeles.
(Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times)

Ever heard of nyotaimori? It’s the Japanese practice of serving sushi on a naked body. It’s real, beyond that one scene from the first “Sex and the City” movie. And, for a price, you can now have your sushi served on a naked model in Vancouver. 

Naked Sushi, a catering and events company that supplies this unique service, just launched in Vancouver, reported VancityBuzz. The company employs models to lie very still, sometimes for hours at a time, while partygoers pluck sushi off of their naked bodies with chopsticks. 

A variety of maki and nigiri is arranged strategically on the model’s body on their stomachs, legs, chest area, etc. You can also order bento boxes and a variety of appetizers. And prices vary based on what kind of sushi you want, and how long you’d like your naked sushi model to stay at your party. 

“Our team of professional staff and models will create an atmosphere of traditional Japanese elegance that will render your event unforgettable to your guests,” writes the company on its Facebook page. 


Just don’t attempt to pick up the sushi with your bare hands. Using chopsticks is just one of the rules you’ll need to follow during your naked sushi experience. Refrain from touching the models, speaking to them and making any lewd comments or gestures. And definitely don’t poke them with your chopsticks. 

Angelenos, if you’re longing for your own naked sushi model we found a company that offers the service in Los Angeles. Nyotaimori was once available at the now-closed Hakada Sushi on Sunset. You can also have it at various venues in Las Vegas. 

Just make sure you know where the wasabi is at all times.

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