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Mr. GHS at Griswold High School

Nick Gileau, a.k.a. Mr.Nick’s Got Kicks, struts his stuff in the Mr. GHS pageant at Griswold High School ()
Competitors for the title of Mr. GHS strut their stuff in a chorus line, during the program’s opening number. ()
Jonathan deGale flexes his muscles, as Mr. Trinidaddy, in Griswold High School’s Mr. GHS pageant. ()
Seth Savage (Mr. 21Savage) gets a mock make-over at the hands - literally - of fellow Mr. GHS contestant Ray Ceccarelli, who is hidden behind the backdrop. ()
Zach Longeill - “Mr. Zach That Smiles Back” - strikes a meditative pose in his jammies, during Griswold High School’s Mr. GHS contest. ()
“Mr. FalalaLuke,” a.k.a. Luke LePage, won the coveted title of Mr. GHS, at Griswold High School’s 20th annual competition for senior guys. ()
Matthew Spinelli, Luke LePage, and Jon deGale perform Abba’s “Super Trooper,” during the talent portion of the Mr. GHS contest at Griswold High School. ()
Zach Longeil (Mr. Zach That Smiles Back) shows off his Frisbee skills, during the Mr. GHS contest’s talent portion. ()