Gear: Accessories and tech devices for your workout

Skulpt Aim takes the measure of your muscles

The electronic fitness tracker Skulpt Aim keeps tabs on the tone and quality of your muscles, as well as your body fat

Bike tech that can make you faster, safer, smarter

Gear: Reviews of new high-tech bike gear, including data-filled sunglasses, a lighted handlebar and rubber cleat covers

Gear: The latest for stand-up paddle board fans on the go

Reviews of four packable stand-up paddle boards: a three-sectioned Point 65 and inflatables from Bic, Advanced Elements, Sea Eagle.

Five new running shoes that aim to go the extra mile

Running shoe reviews: Adidas Ultra Boost, Asics LA Marathon 33-DFA, Hoka One One Bondi 4, New Balance Fresh Foam Zante, Skechers GOMeb Speed 3.

Higher summits for today's backpacking gear

Gear: Reviews of new backpacking equipment, including hiking boots, tents and trekking poles

Innovative sunglasses are a sight for active eyes

Lightweight polycarbonate models are available for the athletically minded outdoors person, from surfers to cyclists

Triathlon equipment that could shorten your race time

Triathlon gear reviews: lateral motion pedals, dual-position seat post, quick-release aerobars, mirrored goggles.

Little innovations make a big difference for riders

Design changes in bikes have something for just about everyone on the trails, tracks or road

Gear: Four watches that step up the time-telling game

When only a watch will do, check out the TomTom Runner Cardio, Polar M400, Sony Smartwatch 3 and Reactor Watches Gryphon.

Smart sports devices aim to step up performance

Smart sports gear to help you stay on track: Babalot Play racket, 94Fifty basketball, Phonotonic ball and Lifebeam bike helmet.

Fitness resolution gets help with four ways to make workouts work

Review of three products and a book that can help make your fitness resolution easier to stick to.

Winter equipment to protect you from ice, snow, the dark and cold

Reviews of winter gear including lighted gloves, a tailbone protector, a ski and snowboard helmet and shoe spikes.

Four fitness gear innovations to check out

Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless, Xpodz, Elevation Training Mask, Lumo Lift are reviewed.

Gear: Four apps that can keep fitness on track

Gear: A look at four apps that can help motivate a workout: Fit Acc, My City Bikes, Rock My Run and Handstand

Women's sports clothes that address gender-based challenges

Some women's sports clothes address their challenges, such as bike shorts for easy bathroom breaks and posture-improving bras.

Running shoes made to fit the shapes of feet

Reviews of four natural-shaped running shoes: The ZEMgear Terra Tech, Altra Paradigm, Topo Runduro and Merrell Bare Access Trail

Burn calories as you work without buying an expensive treadmill desk

Fitness gear: The Wobble Stool, Marcy Cardio MiniCycle, Uncaged Ergonomics Lift and Office Gym help desk workers burn calories.

E-bikes are a hit at Interbike show in Vegas

The hot topic at the recent Interbike show in Las Vegas was the new e-bikes. We review models from Haibike, Pedego and BESV, and a conversion kit from BionX.

Latest designs in bike world spotlight safer, more comfortable ride

Bicycling gear reviews: The latest innovations in the bike world include a new kind of helmet, seat, jacket and phone charger.

For hiking, an easier camera bag, a faster water filter and more

Hiking gear reviews: For an all-day hike, a backpack/camera bag, a speedy filtration system, a mini-speaker and a sun-protection hat that can come in handy.

New 27.5-inch mountain bikes get high marks from cyclists

Gear: Testing the new 27.5-inch mountain bikes. They make the celebrated 29ers of two years ago passe.

College runners take the latest in shoe technology out for a spin

Gear: College athletes weigh in on the Reebok Zquick, Adidas Energy Boost 2, Altra Lone Peak and Mizuno Wave Sayonara.

Four new products designed to aid workout recovery

Gear: Four products aim to aid workout recover: Hyperice, Triggerpoint Cold Roller, RumbleRoller Beastie Bar, Marc Pro stimulator.

These portable products provide strength and flexibility

Mind and Body: Resistance ropes, clubs and disks help you work up a sweat while swinging, stretching and pounding your way to strength and flexibility.

2014 bicycles take big changes for a spin

Gear: Some 2014 bicycle models have big changes such as road bikes with disc brakes, larger wheels and storage, built-in lighting.

A good fitness tool made better

Gear: Innovations to the five-toed shoe and kettle bell, among other items, may improve your workout.

New apps, digital fitness devices keep track of your workout

Gear: Digital fitness product reviews of Pumatrac running app, Runtastic Adventure app, Pure Move iPhone armband, Milestone Fitness Tracker.

Wearable gadgets pump up workouts

Gear: Raise your game with Oakley Airwave 1.5 goggles, Polar Loop fitness monitor, Goji Play app and Badger Gears light-up jacket.

Tech advances to keep fit, from apps to straps

Gear: Tech tools can provide data to keep you fit, or at least aware of your health. New products include the Wellness FX diagnostic service, Omegawave Personal chest strap, Strava Cycling and Run apps, and Bowflex Boost tracking bracelet.

Today's fold-up bikes grip solid ground

Fitness gear: Some fold-up bikes are so solid that they perform much like their full-fledged brethren. Test-rides of four models.

Compact exercise aids that work for dorm room workouts

Gear: Dorm room workout aids. Reviewed are "Nano Workouts" book, Gym in a Box, Lifetrak Move C300 and CrossRope Weighted Jump Rope System.

Camping gear: A little less wild in the wilderness

Camping gear review: Roomy sleeping bags, battery chargers, fire starters and a good chair cater to campsite comfort.

Running shoes put an extra spring in your step

Running shoes: Armed with radical new cushioning technology, these running shoes will take you where you want to go — up ropes, across mud lakes or for a 'barefoot' run.

Body surfing equipment enhances the workout

Body surfing gear can enhance the workout — and the exhilaration

Home gyms that can hide away

Review: Home gyms that don't take a lot of space: Rip:60 TriFlex Push-up Stand, TNT Core Bar, Slide Effect and BowFlex UpperCut

Clip-in bicycle shoes to keep the pedals turning

Clip-in cycling shoes reviewed: Shimano CT-70 Click'R, Giro Carbide, Pearl Izumi X Project 1.0 and Specialized S-Works EVO.

The latest in popular ellipticals

Gear: The latest in home elliptical machines

Let these new bike helmets go to your head

Gear: New bike helmets could go to your head

Wheels of invention keep turning for cyclists

For bicyclists, the wheels of invention keep turning. Reviews of the BananaHama, Pinarello Dogma XC 9.9 29er, Jamis Commuter 4 and Specialized Turbo bikes.

Four inventive workout basics

Four workout basics: water bottle, heart rate monitor, music maker and ice machine

Gear: Up to speed on latest running shoes

A look at four of the latest running shoes, from Adidas, New Balance, Nike and On

These rackets give backhanded — and forehanded — compliments

Tennis rackets: Putting the Wilson Steam 99S, Babolat AeroPro Drive, Head YouTek Graphene Speed Pro and Prince EXO3 Warrior 100 to the test.

Watts up with electric bikes?

Gear: Watts up with electric bikes?

Gear: Home gyms don't have to take up a lot of room

Home gyms: The Inspire BL1 Body Lift, Inspire PT1 Power Tower, Torque H2 and Precor S3.15 are home gyms that offer a range of exercises without taking up much space.

Gear: Bike lights for a safe ride

Gear: New bike lights from Serfas, Knog, Nite Ize and Light & Motion

Gear: Ways to run with the weather

Winter weather footwear can keep you jogging through to spring. Reviewed: Vibram FiveFingers Lontra, Asics Gel-Arctic 4 WR, New Balance MT110 and Adidas Clima Tempest M.

Gear: A sneak peek at some innovative workout aids

A sneak peek at some of the latest workout gear: The Mass Suit, LifelineUSA FitAssist, the Burn Machine Speedbag, Halsa Resistance Poles

Gear: New kinds of wheels for fitness, fun

Wheeled devices can turn a workout into an exhilarating ride. Some of the latest include Sk8pole, Fliker Free Style Rider, Kimatek SkiMotion and Inventist Orbitwheel.

Gear: New ways to be old school

Power Press, Halo Balance Bell, GoFit Plyobox and Core Stix help build strength through full-body workouts: Gear.

Gear: Cutting-edge stocking stuffers

From the Swingtip golf coach to Pivothead sunglasses that take photos and shoot video, the coolest new athletic technology. One for you, one for a gift.

Gear: The basic fixie can get fancy

The fixie bike, an urban craze, is here to stay. Here are some different takes on the fixie idea, from GT, Raleigh and more.

Gear: New tech can make for happier trails

Reviews of the Petzl NAO head light, the Easton CTR-80 shock-absorbing poles, the Suunto AMBIT super-watch and the Capture Camera Clip System.

Gear: Exercise equipment that's on the ball

Review of exercise equipment that updates standard routines by adding a ball. Reviewed are the SKLZ Core Push-Up Instability Strength Trainer, the BodyCraft T3 Life Tree, the Rock 360 Rolling Core Kinetics and the Ugi at Home System.

Gear: Endurance bikes, for those who've endured

Reviews of endurance bikes: the Specialized S-Works Roubaix SL4, Trek Domane 6.2, Volagi Liscio and Bianchi Infinito.

Gear: Bike options for commuters

With gas prices high, more people are biking to work. Options include everything from high-end electric-assist bikes to bare-bone models, all with fast-rolling 700C road-bike wheels, upright positioning and clever convenience and safety features.

Stand-up paddleboard gear: A guide

The initial investment in stand-up paddleboarding can be daunting, but once you're outfitted with a board, a paddle and a few accessories, it's a free ride.

Gear: A test of 4 new bike computers

Bike computers get better and more complex every year. The trick now becomes simplifying the experience. Four new models offer tons of data at different prices, from Wahoo Fitness, Garmin, Cannondale and Timex.

Gear: Low-tech delights for runners

Review of four low-tech items for runners: Hippie Runner Go Belt, Knuckle Lights, RooSport wallet, Tiger Ball Massage-on-a-Rope.

Gear: Big wheels rule

Bicycles are getting artsy smartsy

Innovative new bicyles are nothing short of sculpture on wheels. And unlike a lot of artsy inventions that are good only for mounting on a wall, these two-wheeled wonders not only work but also offer some functional capabilities not seen on bikes with the century-old diamond-shaped frame.

Gear: Sound systems to tune up workouts

Reviews of the O-tus Safe Sounds helmet speakers, Creanovative Sonicwalk Lightning, RunPhones and Klipsch Image S 5i Rugged headphones.

Gear: Water bottles

Water bottles have evolved well past the $3 plastic variety. They can complement your sport, make sure your drinking water is safe and, of course, keep you hydrated.

Gear: The new crop of 'fitness' bikes

Fitness bikes, formerly called hybrids, can satisfy a lot of everyday needs for not a lot of money. Here's a review of four 2013 models.

Tricked-out trikes for older riders

Rating three-wheel upright and recumbent trikes for older riders.

Gear: More ways to play on beach days

Going to the beach can be even more fun with these three games and a multi-tasking towel. Reviewed: Speedminton Fun Set, TowelMate Ultimate Beach Towel, Pacific Sports Smashball, Coop Nitro Football.

Gear: Resistance cord workouts

A look at resistance cord equipment: the Perfect Punch, CoreBody Reformer, Core Transformer and Sklz Hopz Vertical Leap Trainer.

Home workout devices are now affordable and portable

Home gym review of the GFlex Portable Gravity Gym, Altus 4-Pound Weighted Leather Training Gloves, Torso Ball and Spin Trim

Gear: Shoes for not-quite-barefoot running

Several shoes offer a modicum of protection for runners who want that barefoot feeling.

Gear: A step up in home ellipticals

New home versions of elliptical trainers are a big step up on earlier, more rickety models.

Gear: Bicycles shift into high-tech mode

The latest technology is helping ease the ride for bicyclists with such elements as electric shifting and gloves that ease touch-screen dialing.

Gear: Hands-free video cameras record your adventure

Reviewed: V.I.O. POV HD, GoPro HD Helmet Hero, Contour GPS Video Camera, EPIC HD Action Video Cam

Gear: Getting taken for a ride

Evaluating Michelin Protek Max flat-proof inner tube, Ergon PC2 pedals, Specialized Purist water bottle and the LeMond Revolution trainer.

Gear: Cardio exercise machines add fun features

A new crop of stationary cardio exercise machines has livened up the indoor workout world. Reviewed are a bike with an iPad holder, the energy-generating EcoMill, a side-motion adjustable elliptical and a leaning stationary bike.

Gear: The latest in minimalist running shoes

The barefoot-inspired minimalist tide is bringing out more compeition. As footwear companies experiment, they're adding cushioning and enclosures and trying to broaden the appeal to cross-training.

A look at new camping and hiking gear

Tested this go-round are a two-man tent, hydration pack, sleeping pad and light.

Bikes for every $4-a-gallon gas shunner

Some new bicycle models allow practical options for city riders and commuters.

Gear: How to get a grip

Four grip-building products can help you strengthen your hands, wrists and forearms.

No-sweat holiday gifts for serious athletes

The serious athlete is a picky fellow or gal, normally quite unwilling to delegate the critical task of shopping for high-tech training gadgets to mere holiday well-wishers. But the stuff here is disappointment-proof.

Hiking on the tech trail

Getting out in nature can offer an escape from the modern world, but that doesn't mean techie innovations should be left at home. If you want to get there or get back faster and safer, these lightweight devices can help.

Gear: Heart rate monitors, vital sign trackers keep you in the know during workout

Reviewed: Modula Instant Heart Rate app, Medicom MP4 Medical Identification Wristband, LifeTrac Mobile Protector, Bion Blink heart rate monitor

The big deal about 29er bicycles

Cyclists have taken to the bikes' oversized wheels. We give models from Specialized, Cannondale, Niner Bikes and KHS a whirl.

Cooler ways to play in the snow

A sweet sled, high-tech goggles, an gas-filled vest and iPhone-friendly gloves make snow time more fun.

Workouts at your workstation

When a Mayo researcher developed a $4,000-plus treadmill for desk workers, along came a host of lower-cost, move-while-you-work accessories. Some of the best are reviewed here.

Gear: Exercise masquerading as old-school fun

Four new exercise products capitalize on the fun of getting fit: a hoop, a jump rope, a situp contraption and a roller.

Rating 2011's new team of bicycles

Rating four of the 2011 bicycles: the Jones 29er with Spaceframe, Breezer Uptown Infinity, Diamondback Mission 3 and the Santana Exogrid Team.

Pricey 'performance' clothes do their job

Reviews of AlignMed Posture Shirt, Outlier 4Season OG pants and Blazed Cotton Pivot Sleeve Shirt, REI Sahara Convertible Pants with No-Sit Zips and CW-X Revolution Tight.

The latest in bike racks

Makers of bike racks claim that the tough economy has encouraged more people to take up healthy, inexpensive activities like cycling. These innovative new bike carriers are loaded with convenience and security features.

Searching the soul of trail-running shoes

As the minimalist tide sweeps across the running world, a battle rages for the soul of trail running shoes: Thin, low-profile padding versus regular cushioning.

Exercise equipment that makes routines less so

Adding dynamic movement to strength exercises is a good thing, forcing your body to balance, coordinate and challenge a wide range of muscle groups at once. Here are some dynamic new fitness products that encourage creativity and enhance workouts for exercisers of all ages and abilities.

Gear: Comparing four hiking boots

A look at four new hiking boots: the Tecnica Cyclone II Low GTX MS, the Columbia Shastalavista Mid Omni-Tech, the Garmont TXT Tactical CrossTrainer and the Hi-Tec V-Lite Altitude Ultra.

Gear: Golf fitness to a tee

Reviews of the Sun Mountain Zero G golf clubs bag, Golf Around the World Power Swing Fan, Callawy uPro golf GPS device and GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer.

That little something extra for the triathlete

For triathlon training, every second counts. Here are reviews of the Scott T2 Pro hatchback shoe, ArmourBite Performance Mouthwear, the oval Rotor Q-Rings for the bike and the HED Third Brake Lever.

Gear: Back Bay bikes

Designed to handle long recreational or commuter rides without leaving body parts aching, the bike keeps a road bike's fast 700C wheels and gearing but replaces the drop bars and aggressive hunched-over position with a mountain bike's straight, higher handlebar and relaxed, upright body positioning.

Techy tennis rackets

Testing four of the hottest new upper-end tennis racket models from the biggest brands in the U.S. to find out if they actually increase performance.

Gear: Better bike accessories

Reviewing the Freeload rack, Kurt Kinetic Rock and Roll Trainer, Cobb Cycling V-Flow Max and Polar