Gift pick No. 20: Cliff Spencer's countertop compost box

For the devoted composter in your life -- or the person who should be -- let us point you to the workshop of Marina del Rey furniture craftsman Cliff Spencer and his Tigger Countertop Compost Bin.

Fittingly, the wooden box is made with offcuts, remnant pieces recycled into a 13-inch-long container handsome enough to keep on the counter -- a convenient way to stow those eggshells, coffee grounds and moldy strawberries until you're ready to toss it all in the composter outside. The lidded stainless steel pan lifts out for easy cleaning, the shop says, and the exterior has been oiled and waxed so that regular wiping will keep it looking good. (If you're feeling particularly generous, you can also buy product to help your devoted composter refresh the finish.)

One of the issues we've discovered putting together our Handmade Holidays gift guide featuring L.A. design: inventory. Indie producers, with good reason, often don't have a lot of it. But Spencer's shop says it has plenty of the Tigger Countertop Compost Bins, all made by Spencer or his full-time staff. Price: $125 plus shipping.

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