Dakota Smith

Dakota Smith covers Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and City Hall for the city-county bureau. She joined the Los Angeles Times in 2016 and previously covered City Hall for the Los Angeles Daily News. She is a graduate of Lewis & Clark College and lives in Los Angeles.
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Do Gavin Newsom and John Cox even want the same job? Their visions of California's governorship radically differ

Sometimes it seems that California's two candidates for governor are running for different offices. Democrat Gavin Newsom pushes big-ticket issues such as healthcare, education and climate change. Republican John Cox has focused instead on pocketbook issues including the state's increased gas tax.

Garcetti's PAC will pay for his security detail's expenses on political trips, advisor says

A political action committee created by Mayor Eric Garcetti will reimburse the city for the costs of the mayor's security on political trips, a Garcetti advisor said Wednesday.