Diana Marcum

Diana Marcum writes about life in the small towns and rural areas of California for the Los Angeles Times. In 2015, she won the Pulitzer Prize for narrative portraits of farm workers, farmers and others in California’s drought-stricken Central Valley. She is the author of “The Tenth Island, Finding Joy, Beauty and Unexpected Love in the Azores.”
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In Central Valley towns, California’s bullet train isn’t an idea: ‘It’s people’s lives’

The recent debate surrounding California’s transit future has reverberated statewide. But here in the Central Valley, the upheaval — like the bullet train itself — is real. Houses have been boarded up, businesses moved, vineyards torn out, a highway realigned.

Colusa didn't always embrace Jerry Brown, but new neighbors just may give him a chance

It’s not just that Brown, a Democrat, has moved to an area populated by Republican ranchers. Or even that he is a lawyer and politician now residing where most people make a living off the land. It’s that he’s a newcomer.