Letters: Ukraine's crisis is not our crisis

Re “Biden in Ukraine in show of support,” April 22

For a nation that espouses democracy, the U.S. is showing its dictatorial side in Ukraine.

We have no more business being involved in Ukraine than I do in the marital affairs of the couple down the street.

We decry Russia putting troops on its border with Ukraine, but we then put our troops in Poland and ships in the Black Sea on its border.

At least the Russians are in their own domain; we are not.

Phil Wilt
Van Nuys

As the Russians consolidate their hold on Crimea and begin their move into the rest of Ukraine, as the Iranians move toward a nuclear weapon capability that will change the balance of power in the Middle East, and as the Chinese expand their territorial claims into the waters of their neighbors, President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State John F. Kerry threaten “consequences” and try to engage each of them in negotiations that inevitably will lead nowhere.

Have any of the leaders of what used to be termed the Free World realized that hot air is not a viable weapon system when dealing with geopolitical bullies?

Lorin Fife
Valley Village

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