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Illustration of a woman at a table with candles surrounded by flowers.
(Gwen Huerta / For The Times)

11 invigorating solo date ideas to craft a lovely L.A. day

There’s a reason why people who are on a quest to romanticize their life keep going viral on TikTok. Tips to live our best life and heal deep-seated wounds are a mere click away, and a huge part of that wisdom cites the importance of enjoying your own company. Why? Because when we’re at peace with our solitude without the attachment of a title, person or external thing, we’re less likely to operate from a place of lack. Also, we’re less susceptible to desperately searching for or clinging to outside people and vices to fill a void.

In practice, adding a romantic touch to the everyday can look like being mindful of what feels good to your senses and catering to that. It looks like this: going to that cool experience in L.A. even if you don’t have a friend or romantic partner to accompany you.

Don’t put your joy on hold for so-called perfect circumstances. Think of these actions as tiny-but-impactful building blocks that ultimately help you craft a life that feels good to be present in. What’s more romantic than that?

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We’ve carefully selected 11 experiences to try out around L.A. solo. From self-care treatments to intentional creative play, these activities are the perfect starting point for romanticizing your own company. While enjoying these solo dates, you may unexpectedly connect with like-minded people who are on their own self-care journey too. After all, the city is full of people exploring how to sweeten their solitude — and as the saying goes, just as you’d want to lavish someone you love with romance, quality time and meaningful experiences, you’ve got to shower yourself with that same lovey-dovey care as well.

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A person makes a flower arrangement at the Bubbles & Blooms floral workshop.
(Bubbles & Blooms)

Manifest your goals and create a floral arrangement at Bubbles & Blooms

North Hollywood Workshop
Bubbles & Blooms has reimagined the typical floral arrangement class and remixed it into a creative experience rooted in mindfulness, connection and embracing your intuition. An abundance of natural light adorns the North Hollywood studio space in addition to candles, a smooth R&B playlist and a highly Instagrammable brunch station (with light but tasty bites and bottomless mimosas, nonalcoholic spirits and tea). It all creates a vibe that mirrors the meditative energy at the heart of the workshop dreamed up by curator and Bubbles & Blooms founder Severina Hernandez. After kicking off the experience with ice breakers, attendees are directed to buckets of flower varieties that feature detailed descriptions above them. But there’s a twist! Don’t read the labels while selecting your florals. Instead select flowers you feel drawn to, whatever colors and shapes appeal to your senses in the moment. You’ll learn more about each flower’s significance later on.

Toward the end of the class, Angelina Christopher, a shaman and energy worker, offers floral readings to those who would like one, explaining how a person’s finished arrangement relates to where they are on their current life journey and what they’re aiming to manifest. The soothing aroma of fresh florals, which vary each class and come fresh from the L.A. Flower District, the new connections you’re likely to make and getting to exercise your social muscles in a laid-back environment are a winning recipe.

The class is $99-$250.
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People at a table with various ingredients at the Camp Disco Perfume Workshop.
(Camp Disco)

Delight your senses with DIY perfumes at Camp Disco

Culver City Workshop
Camp Disco’s DIY perfume workshop is the gift that keeps on giving. Under the guidance of creator Sarah Vanover, a beauty industry vet with a soft spot for perfume, students partake in scent discovery exercises that serve as a perfume 101 primer. The experience strikes just the right balance of playful exploration, socializing and working individually.

Vanover offers two workshops (Perfume Making Essentials and Perfume Making in Vintage Vessels) at the creative studio These Hands Maker’s Collective, which adds to the delightful art class atmosphere. Camp Disco also offers private workshops and perfume bars for events and parties. It sells perfume-making kits for people interested in exploring the nuances of scents from the comfort of home. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself suddenly checking the notes on candles, fragrances and everything in between after taking the workshop. Putting your newfound fragrance knowledge to use out in the wild is part of the fun.

The fee for this workshop is generally $95-120 per person.
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A photograph of a facial at Pansy Esthetics.
(Pansy Esthetics)

Lavish your skin with the Pansy Esthetics Signature Facial

Beverly Hills Skin-care services
Since esthetician Leola Davis opened Pansy Esthetics in Los Angeles during the fall of 2021, the studio has made waves among skincare devotees in L.A. (and beyond) — those who’d been longing for LGBTQ+-inclusive beauty spaces. Davis describes the studio as “an L.A.-based, Black- and queer-owned and -operated esthetic studio catering to BIPOC and LGBTQIA communities and allies,” noting that all ages, bodies, skin types and concerns are welcomed. Pamper your skin with the Signature Pansy Facial (a double cleanse, enzymatic exfoliation, extractions if needed, a facial massage and customized finishing products). Or enjoy a range of other rejuvenating treatments available such as post-op skin care for top surgery and facial feminization surgery (FFS), chemical peels and hydrafacials.

The Pansy Esthetics Signature Pansy Facial is $250.
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A photograph of a stone candle made at the Stone Candle class.
(Stone Candles)

Set your intentions with a crystal candle workshop at Stone Candles

Inglewood Workshop
Stone Candles understands the power of a good scent — how it can transport you to a state of tranquility or become essential in making a space feel more like a cozy home. This olfactory playground is a fun exercise in being present: You choose from a selection of crystals like amethyst, clear quartz and citrine; explore different oils and select what you’d like to go into your candle, and proceed to blend and decorate your creation. The elaborate range of scents to choose from in the Crystal Intention-Setting Candle Workshop will make any fragrance enthusiast feel like a kid in a candy store and brings a cool aromatherapy twist to mapping out your goals.

The workshop is $75 per person.
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People sitting around a table working on art projects at CAMP.
(CAMP / Little Green Art Studio)

Nourish your creativity at CAMP with Little Green Art Studio

Highland Park Workshop
The CAMP gatherings created and led by artist Annie Schmittgens at Little Green Studio stand for Create Art, Meet People. It’s all about reconnecting with yourself and others while tapping into your creative flow in a calm setting. Through craft activities such as water coloring, making friendship bracelets, creating vision boards, designing bookmarks, postcards and more — sometimes with live music in the mix — the meet-ups affirm the importance and magic of relaxing adult spaces for play and human connection. All of the supplies are provided; just bring yourself. And it’s BYOB, so feel free to bring your favorite bottle of wine or beverage of choice and a snack. “I think it’s resonating with people in L.A. because they are connecting with a side of themselves that is usually dormant,” says Schmittgens of the workshop’s popularity. “It feels good to do something different and draw outside of the normal lines we find ourselves living in every day.”

Little Green Art Studio is owned and operated by multi-hyphenate artist and teacher Sadye Harvey and it’s home to a variety of other creative workshops in addition to CAMP such as Intention Setting + Candle Making, Intro to Sewing, a Vision Board workshop, Intro to Oil Painting, Intro to Stained Glass and more.

CAMP gatherings are $30 per person or $50 for two people.
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A cake box from Lumee DIY.
(Lumee DIY)

Decorate a cake-themed jewelry box at Lumee DIY

Sawtelle Workshop
Bringing color and imagination to the mundane is a great way to romanticize your life. At this DIY workshop, visitors can decorate mini jewelry boxes in the style of decadent cakes as well as cake-themed mirrors and hair clips. There are literally hundreds of decorative charms to choose from and a vibrant array of colored icing (odorless glue mixtures that resemble cake icing) to make your jewelry boxes look extra edible. Creating something practical that can be admired in your personal space long after the experience is a great treat to give yourself.

This Lumee DIY workshop is $48 per person.
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Two people sitting separately inside the Brand Library & Art Center.
(Nico Marques)

Work on a creative project at Brand Library & Art Center

Glendale Library
A great way to put self-care and self-love into action is by etching out time to work on creative projects close to your heart. Have you been meaning to put some serious work into that script bubbling in your mind? Or maybe you need to write a proposal for an awesome idea? As regulars can attest, the city views, interesting architecture and on-site art gallery set this public library apart from the rest. It’s easy to spend hours nestled in a cozy nook, diving into the hefty collection of available art documentaries and books, CDs and art-related archival materials. When you need a breather, step outside and unwind with a walk or a hike and flex your photography muscles with the scenic view. Added bonus: The programming includes free events such as Art Talk Tuesdays where guests can listen to artists discuss their work followed by a Q&A, a Saturday music series that features performances from living composers and a dance series featuring performances from dance companies around SoCal that all make for great solo dates.
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A wine bar with tables and chairs and bottles of wine.
(Regan Norton)

Channel your inner wine connoisseur at Neighborhood Winery

Downtown L.A. Wine Bar
If you’re looking for a laid-back wine bar to enjoy light bites and a glass or two solo, Neighborhood Winery, formerly known as Pali Wine Co., is a solid option. (The space is relaunching March 1.) The Arts District gem is a go-to spot for wine enthusiasts at every level, whether aficionado or beginner, thanks to its chill atmosphere and natural wine label, Neighborhood Winery. If you’re feeling social, look out for interactive opportunities to connect with new people such as guided wine tastings with different themes and events with featured winemakers. Plus there are exciting collaborations with community members such as the 100% Sangiovese wine made in collaboration with L.A. musician Jermtown called Loveland. Cherry on top? The outside patio is perfect for soaking up the sun and enjoying some tunes during the warmer seasons.
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A photograph of the interior of The Pleasure Chest in WeHo.
(The Pleasure Chest)

Prioritize your sexual wellness and pleasure at a Pleasure Chest workshop

West Hollywood Workshop
Adult sex education workshops, in real life and virtual, are on the rise as more adults seek out affirming spaces to deepen their understanding of sex beyond the cis straight male gaze. Many Angelenos count the Pleasure Chest as a trusted resource. The sex shop has been at its current Santa Monica Boulevard location since 1980 and offers workshops, many of which are free, to help adults prioritize their pleasure and confidently assert their wants and boundaries. Each class is a mix of people who arrive solo and with company, with intriguing topics such as the ins and outs of oral sex to community chats on navigating polyamorous relationships.
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People working on baking at the Gourmandise School.
(The Gourmandise School)

Satisfy your sweet tooth and become the baking friend at the Gourmandise School

Santa Monica Cooking school
Have you ever wanted to be the person who bakes a cake as a meditative way to destress à la Lara Jean Covey in the “To All The Boys” film? Or that friend who brings delicious pastries to gatherings simply because they were experimenting in the kitchen and love treating their friends to their tasty creations? The Gourmandise School can help turn those confectionery dreams into a tasty reality. The measuring of ingredients, working with your hands and putting your energy into creating your dessert is a relaxing way to disconnect from technology for a couple hours. Whether you’re craving a challenge such as the school’s two-day croissant class or you’re looking for something less time-intensive (the three-hour donut-making class, for example), the satisfaction of completing a goal you can eat and gaining new skills you utilize long after is extra sweet.

The Gourmandise School baking classes are generally $115-$525.
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A room with a door to the floatation tank at Quantum Clinic.
(Quantum Clinic)

Take your nervous system to the spa at Quantum Clinic

Elysian Valley Medical Spa
Unwind, be still and tune in to how you feel away from the noise of everyday life. Spend an hour floating solo in water and looking up at the stars in the flotation tank. Perhaps best of all, the water is filled with Epsom salt to ensure you float so your muscles don’t have to do any work. Many people have an emotional response and a therapeutic cry in response to the thoughts and emotions that tend to come to the surface while in a meditative state of solitude. End your visit to Quantum Clinic with tea and a creative exercise in the expressive arts lounge. Think coloring exercises curated by psychologists or relaxing on the couch to process your experience before returning to the noise and needs of regular life.
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