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Man who rubbed women with eggs in 'spiritual cleansing' guilty of rape

A San Clemente man who poured ammonia and rubbed raw eggs on women as part of a “spiritual cleansing” ritual has been convicted of rape and other sexual assault charges and could be sentenced to up to 75 years in prison.

Alberto Flores Ramirez, 36, was accused of luring two women to a Santa Ana motel where he performed a “spiritual cleansing” ritual that he said would rid them of their negative energy and improve their loves lives.

One of the women sought his help in getting her children safely to California from Mexico, the Orange County district attorney’s office said. The second told authorities she was seeking help in her love life.

Instead, authorities said, Ramirez raped the woman, one of whom told police that she became dizzy and disoriented after he poured ammonia on her head.

Prosecutors said the first victim met Ramirez through an online dating site and then traveled to the motel, where he instructed her to remove her clothing in preparation for a spiritual cleansing ritual.

The woman said Ramirez told her that he could help bring her children to the U.S. by ridding her of her negative vibes, prosecutors said.

The woman told police that he then rubbed raw eggs on her body and sexually attacked her.

The second woman said she met Ramirez on Facebook and traveled to Orange County from Las Vegas for a cleansing procedure to help improve her love life. Prosecutors said Ramirez told her to bring along raw eggs and ammonia, which he then poured on her.

The incidents happened weeks apart in 2012.

Ramirez is scheduled for sentencing June 13.


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