Pat Derby | 1968
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Pat Derby | 1942-2013

Pat Derby | 1968
Pat Derby and a lion cub are shown in 1968 in a promotional image for her NBC-TV show, “Big Cats, Little Cats.” (NBC-TV)
Pat Derby | 1971
Ted and Pat Derby are shown with Rijo, a Siberian tiger weighing 700 pounds. (Los Angeles Times)
Pat Derby | 1973
Pat and Ted Derby are shown with their pet jaguar, Clyde, in 1973. (Los Angeles Times)
Pat Derby | 1976
Pat Derby is shown with Seymour, a 7-year-old, half-ton grizzly bear. The image is from her 1976 book, “The Lady and Her Tiger,” co-written by Peter S. Beagle.  (Dutton)
Pat Derby | 2004
From left are shown Dr. Elliot Katz, Gretchen Wyler, Pat Derby and Dr. Jane Goodall at the In Defense of Animals Guardian Awards Fundraiser at Paramount Studios in Hollywood in 2004. (Michael Tullberg / Getty Images)
Pat Derby | 2009
Pat Derby, founder and director of the Performing Animals Welfare Society, is shown at the ARK 2000 Sanctuary near San Andreas, Calif., in 2009. (Rich Pedroncelli / Associated Press)