Official PS4 unboxing: Sony aims to keep players enthralled

Fast approaching 2 million views Tuesday morning on YouTube is Sony's official unboxing of the PlayStation 4. See the video above.

The unboxing marks the latest push by Sony to keep attention on the PS4, which is set to launch Friday in the U.S., and away from rival Microsoft’s Xbox One, which is to debut just a week later on Nov. 22.

Sony already has sought to leverage PlayStation nostalgia with a popular ad released last month, its launch titles and a few teasers of what the future may bring, but the unboxing marks a particular focus on the hardware itself.

Some viewers noticed its similarity to the unboxing video for Daft Punk's "Random Access Memories," produced by Sony, with the futuristic feel  and dramatic lighting. There are a few differences. For one, the gloves worn by the mysterious figure in the PS4 unboxing aren't nearly as cool as in the Daft Punk unboxing and perhaps even a little bit creepy.

Thoughts? Let us know below in the comments.

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