Chucky’s making his killer ‘Dead by Daylight’ debut, but he isn’t new to video games

Chucky, the killer "Child's Play" toy, smiling and holding a bloodied knife next to his face
Chucky, the killer “Child’s Play” doll, will come to the gory survival video game “Dead by Daylight.”
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“Child’s Play,” meet “Dead by Daylight.”

Chucky, one of Hollywood’s most iconic killer dolls, will bring his murderous tendencies to Behaviour Interactive‘s gory survival game, “Dead by Daylight” revealed Wednesday. The dungaree-clad devil will be the latest horror character to chase players as they work to escape the dark and daunting realm of The Fog.

“It’s always a cause for celebration when a horror icon enters The Fog, and Chucky brings an exciting new gameplay style for Killer players to experience,” said “Dead by Daylight” in a statement on its website.

“Dead by Daylight” said it also recruited original “Child’s Play” voice actor Brad Dourif to record new lines for Chucky. The killer doll is now among the “Dead by Daylight” villains including Michael Myers, Pinhead, the Xenomorph from “Alien” and Pyramid Head from “Silent Hill.”

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Oct. 6, 2023


Tiffany Valentine (a.k.a the “Bride of Chucky”), voiced by original actor Jennifer Tilly, will also join “Dead by Daylight.”

Chucky will make his “Dead by Daylight” debut on Nov. 28, but it’s not the first time the “Child’s Play” icon has been video game material.

In 2011, Kotaku reported that a Chucky-inspired video game was in the works from TikGames. “Chucky: Wanna Play?” was set to come to PC and game consoles, but the developer reportedly dropped the project in 2012 after it failed to meet its funding goal.

“We built a fun campaign with lots of great goodies, got the word out to as many people as we could, but sadly not enough people loved the concept of a Chucky video game as much as we did,” TikGames said in a 2012 statement, according to Bloody Disgusting.

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Oct. 20, 2023

This year, however, it seems some Chucky fans and Reddit users discovered that a version of the game is available to play.

Chucky also inspired “Chucky The Killer Doll,” a survival game found on the Google Play store, and the Slimstown Studios mobile game “Chucky: Slash & Dash.

The killer doll (whose government name is Charles Lee Ray) has gone through a renaissance in recent years. In 2019, Lars Klevberg remade the film “Child’s Play,” and in 2021, Syfy and USA Network premiered the horror TV series “Chucky.”

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Oct. 27, 2023

Killer dolls and animatronics have returned to the Hollywood spotlight, partially thanks to horror film outlet Blumhouse. This year alone, the studio found box office success with both the doll “M3GAN” and with the killer animatronics in “Five Nights at Freddy’s.”


And Blumhouse announced in March that it is working on a “Dead by Daylight” film.

“We know there are so many fans of ‘Dead by Daylight’ out there and think it’s imperative we find someone who appreciates and loves the world as much as we do, to help us bring the game to the big screen,” Jason Blum, Blumhouse founder and chief executive, said in a March statement. “We know our partners at Behaviour and [James Wan’s] Atomic Monster will help us bring the best version of this game to life.”