3 students reported shot at high school in Pittsburgh

Police are searching for at least one and possibly three gunmen in the shooting of three students at Brashear High School in Pittsburgh, according to media reports.

Cody Muller, 18, who said he was a senior at Brashear, told the Los Angeles Times in a phone interview that he heard three or four gunshots as he was walking out of school.

He said he spotted a gym teacher about to wrap her hoodie around a wounded 11th-grade student who was bleeding from the head on the road outside school.

"As she was pressing it on his head, all I saw was blood running down the side of his head, it was all over the hoodie, it was on the ground," Muller said. “They were asking him questions, he wasn’t aware that he was shot. He was like, did I fall? Why am I all bloody? The teachers told him you just fell and got hurt so he wouldn’t freak out."

The 1,416-student school was on lockdown after the incident, which began about 3 p.m., around the time school was being dismissed for the day, according to reports from WPXI, Channel 11.

One of the students is in critical condition and the other two are being treated with what officials told the station were not life-threatening wounds.

It was unclear how many shooters were involved, with initial reports saying it could be as many as three.

According to first reports, the students were leaving the school on Crane Avenue when as many as three people attacked the group, then fled into nearby woods.


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