2008 Saturn Vue
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2008 Saturn Vue

Our test car, a Vue XR with all-wheel drive and 17-inch alloy wheels, was delivered in the official “launch color,” which is sunburst orange. -- Dan Neil (SATURN)
The interior surfaces and materials are all very rewarding: the dense, rubberized covering on the dash-top and doors and the satiny alloy-like finish on the shifter and steering wheel. (SATURN)
As it is, the low-roofed Vue does give up some interior space to its competitors but it’s still plenty big enough. -- Dan Neil (SATURN)
Handsomely sculpted, generously equipped and infinitely more refined than the dog of a trucklet it replaces, the 2008 Vue easily clears the bar set by arch competitors Toyota RAV4 or Honda CR-V. -- Dan Neil (SATURN)