2008 Volvo C30
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2008 Volvo C30

Volvo’s new-for-2008 C30 confounds easy categorization. (Bruce Benedict)
A deftly engineered piece of Scandinavian design, it enters a market just about panting for cooler, greener small cars. (Bruce Benedict)
Wading in against the likes of the Mini Cooper, the C30 feels like the emergence of a new species, the Volvo rockinus(Bruce Benedict)
The most notable design feature is the car’s dramatic tumblehome, the inward cant of the canopy toward the roof. (Bruce Benedict)
In a nod to its Generation D target audience, the C30’s two trim levels are called Version 1.0 and Version 2.0. (Bruce Benedict)
The manual version is almost effortless in city driving. (Bruce Benedict)
A charismatic new species, even if it does drink 91 octane. (Bruce Benedict)