Antoinette Balta

OC Visionaries 2022

Executive Director & Co-Founder
Veterans Legal Institute

Antoinette Balta is executive director and cofounder of the Veterans Legal Institute where she oversees and has responsibility for the overall management of the firm including business development, outreach, public relations, marketing, strategic planning and a light legal caseload. She comes to VLI with a long-held passion to serve homeless and at-risk veterans and service members, dedicating her career to that end. Starting this nonprofit has led to over 9,000 low-income veterans being granted life changing pro bono legal services, helping them remove barriers to housing, healthcare, education and employment. Noticing an influx of service members returning from Iraq and Afghanistan seeking shelter at a local National Guard armory, Balta discovered many issues that contributed to veterans’ chronic homelessness were legal in nature. She committed herself to the cause of removing “chronic” from “homelessness” and empowering veterans into self-sufficiency.