Debora Leighton Favaretto

OC Visionaries 2022

Healthcare Sustainable Design Leader

Debora Favaretto is a senior associate and a healthcare sustainable design lead for CannonDesign. She is highly motivated, ambitious and ever-focused on influencing the creation of climate positive environments. She has been integral to some of the firm’s largest projects as a technical architect and only relatively recently as a sustainable design leader. Favaretto found that her dedication to positive environmental impact carved a new path for her career; one where she still focuses on the technical aspects of building science and high performance, though now with a depth she didn’t find available in her role as an architect and now across a much larger portfolio of work at once. Her ability to understand complex topics while also being able to pull back from the details and empower clients and project teams to make informed sustainable design decisions has made her a sought-after resource and valuable team member.