Letters: VP debate reflects DC gridlock

Re "Combative Biden and Ryan display energy Obama lacked," Oct. 12

No doubt Vice President Joe Biden and Republican rival Rep. Paul Ryan were ready to debate, and each of them made good points for their causes. Both seem sincerely dedicated to helping the people of the United States.

However, what was obvious was that these two combative souls were light years away from agreeing on anything, just like the two parties in Washington. What America wants to see is Democrats and Republicans sitting down and coming to agreements on the important matters before Congress.

Judging by the performances of Ryan and Biden, such compromise won't happen regardless of which candidate for president wins. After Nov. 6, we will be right back where we started: gridlock in Washington.

Foster Eubank

Laguna Woods

It doesn't matter to me what Biden said at the debate; on some issues he was correct, on others he was wrong.

But what does matter is the disrespect he showed for the whole debate process. His inappropriate smirking and at times sneering demeanor, his patronizing words, his petulance when he thought he didn't get enough time (according to CNN, the vice president spoke for about a minute longer overall than Ryan) and his frequent "talking over" Ryan showed this disrespect.

Biden didn't show a very civil or vice presidential character Thursday night.

Rosemary Hagerott

Sierra Madre

We can "debate" demeanor but not the candidates' actual views.

If you want to privatize Social Security, voucherize Medicare, potentially stay in Afghanistan past 2014, end access to legal abortion, extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and "make" Iran change its mind about its nuclear program, you should vote for Ryan and Mitt Romney. If not, don't.

Don't let demeanor divert your attention from the policy positions.

Michael Olson



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