Letters: Too social on social media


Re “Uh, your character is showing,” Opinion, Nov. 12

Jonah Goldberg nails it: Teenagers must grapple with their digital identities when trying to stand out in college admissions. But we should consider these same issues regarding future employers and others.

How you use social media can be a reflection of who you are. The old way of Googling someone to see what you can dig up ahead of an interview (or a date) has given way to cursory searches and reviews of social feeds.

So, what do your last 20 tweets say about you?

Danny Groner


New York

I appreciate Goldberg’s “The Scarlet Letter” allusion, but it would have been more effective had it read, “Now your permanent record can be searched on Google and your scarlet letter is in the cloud,” to coincide beautifully with the part in the novel where Arthur Dimmesdale spots the letter A, “marked out in lines of dull red,” in the sky.

Either way, “The Scarlet Letter” is an apt reference, and college-bound students would be wise to heed its slightly revised moral: “Show freely to the world, if not your [best], yet some trait whereby the [best] can be inferred.”

Sean Ziebarth

Fountain Valley


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