A country is primarily defined by its borders

US President Donald Trump speaks on Patrick Shanahan from White House before travelling to Orlando to launch his 2020 re-election campaign, Washington, USA - 18 Jun 2019
President Trump speaks to the media in Washington on June 18.
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To the editor: How else should Trump proceed given that Democrats refuse to even recognize that there is a problem at the southern border? (“The only consistent thing about Trump’s immigration policy is his animus toward migrants,” editorial, June 25)

We have grandstanding mayors and governors supporting sanctuary cities and states making the expulsion of even violent offenders challenging. We have no idea who is coming into the country.

ISIS used the refugee crisis to infiltrate Europe with violent results. A country is primarily defined by its borders.

Barry F. Chaitin, Newport Beach



The Times pulls out all the stops in describing the character flaws of Donald Trump that have led us to the inevitable inhumanity and chaos in his administration’s policy at the southern border. Yet, there are seemingly insufficient words to describe the sheer depravity of the man occupying the position of chief executive of the nation.

Needless to say, the road to where we are today is paved with the 11,000 documented lies with which this president has deceived a largely unwitting population. Thus, that policy and others, not to mention the diminishing respect for the rule of law, are casualties in a democracy slowly slipping away from us. The Times’ failure, for too long, to hold this president accountable for his utter and complete disrespect for truth, is not that which we expect from a free press.

Greg Ryan, Woodland Hills


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