Opinion: What does it take to get a senator expelled? A lot

Sen. Al Franken appears in Washington on Nov. 29.
(Michael Reynolds / EPA)

To the editor: Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) sure is bold, actually volunteering for a Senate Ethics Panel investigation. But perhaps he is not so bold as it might appear, since I’m sure he knows a fact that few voters know. (“Returning to Capitol Hill, Sen. Al Franken repeats apologies, says he will remain in Senate,” Nov. 27)

The last time the U.S. Senate expelled any of its members was in 1861. That’s when 10 senators were ousted because they served Confederate states that were waging war on the U.S.

Remember the Civil War? That is what it takes to get expelled.

Franken rates as a disgusting groper. His case well illustrates what a fetid swamp Washington is, always covering for its politicians.


Gary LaPook, Moorpark

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