Letters to the Editor: Gavin Newsom should abandon his ageist budget

Gov. Gavin Newsom visits Harun Coffee in Leimert Park on June 3.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: I could not agree more with George Skelton’s column, “Already devastated by the coronavirus, seniors stand to lose again in Newsom’s budget.”

This state budget is in response to a pandemic, and the people who are dying should be the very first prioritized. Yet, that’s exactly opposite of what’s happening.

My group, Justice in Aging, urges the governor to abandon this ageist, ableist and racist proposal that would only increase the risk older adults face in this crisis.


Amber Christ, Los Angeles

The writer, a lecturer at the UCLA School of Law, is directing attorney for Justice in Aging.


To the editor: Skelton writes that Gov. Gavin Newsom “crippled the economy” to control the spread of COVID-19. That’s a dubious claim.

Newsom issued his stay-home order on March 19, after consumer spending had tumbled into negative territory. The economic contraction we’re experiencing was going to happen, lockdown or not.

Across the world, the best indicator of economic recovery has been successfully containing the virus. The countries with the best public health outcomes also have the best economic outcomes.

Jake Gotta, San Diego