Letters to the Editor: Hey, City Hall, how are giant, bright digital billboards OK?

Digital billboards
The digital billboards that have gone up on a 12-story building near downtown L.A. have drawn complaints from residents and business owners.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: The behavior of City Councilman Curren Price, whose advocacy for a digital billboard builder and property developer was rewarded with donations to a political action committee supporting his reelection, is disturbing enough on its own.

Still, Los Angeles residents are left to wonder where their mayor and other City Council members were when a blinding example, both literally and figuratively, of corruption, oversight failure and a total disregard for the general citizenry’s quality of life emerged only a short distance from City Hall.

Why was it Los Angeles Times reporters and not Price’s colleagues who were asking the difficult questions and discovering the uncomfortable truths? How could any local elected representative look at those billboards and not think something was gravely wrong with the planning and approval process?

Meanwhile, local residents are left to suffer the prolonged consequences of a civic embarrassment and ever lingering questions about whether their representatives are acting in their best interest.

Reagan McClymonds, Los Angeles